Another New Series?

I recently started a series called Strangers. This series tells multiple stories of my encounter with people I meet around my city. Someone very close to me told me that I should start an art series as well. That gave me the push I needed to actually do it!

Last week I sent out a couple business emails to artist around the world. These artist have very different styles and very different walks of life. I started receiving responses and have done a couple of interviews. The Artist feature series IS HAPPENING!

Starting next Thursday an interview from one of the artist will be posted. Each Thursday until the end of the series one artist and their work will have the spotlight. I hope you guys enjoy the series as much as I have!


Strangers: The Park Couple

Laying on the softest blanket and staring up at the clouds I knew it was going to be a great day. Besides the drowning car horns due to my earbuds the day was perfect.

I looked to the left of me and happened to find a beautiful young couple in front of me. Curls flowing down ones back as the other fluffed the hair of her curly high-top fade.

I watched as the couple exchanged looks, smiles and gentle touches. They were so comfortable with themselves. I wished to myself that I one day could be as comfortable

I sat there thinking of my own relationships. How I became to be comfortable with who I am but not with who. In everyone of my relationships I genuinely liked the person but there was always a factor in the relation that I was uncomfortable with.

As they sat there I could tell they were completely comfortable with everything in their relationship. The long curly haired girl walked over and sat beside me. She introduced herself and ask me to join them. As I sat and talked with them it was apparent that they were completely comfortable with everything.

That conversation opened my eyes to a lot. Things that I once didn’t notice or care about, I do now. It amazes me how strangers can change your perception of things. They change you in very small ways, even if you don’t notice the changes right away.

Strangers The Series

This summer I have had some very remarkable and interesting encounters with strangers. Moments that happen by chance which makes me think about the things in life. These strangers I have come across have amazed me, in both god and bad ways.

This series is going to document my thoughts and encounters of each person. Every week I’ll be posting two stories, one Wednesday and one Friday.

I hope you all have enjoy the first story in the Strangers Series. Please leave your thoughts below and hopefully we can turn this series into a dialog.


Strangers: Married Mother of Two

I watched a woman over the tops of the bus seat, my view cluttered with a young man’s way too high hightop fade.

She twisted and tormented at a tarnished gold wedding band, screwing it on her finger with an angered contempt that could only mean one thing: she’d been married for a while.

Pursing her lips, the frazzled business woman pushed her hands together upright and burrowed her face deep inside, spluttering loud expletives that whatever god she was praying to would punish her for later. There she was, with her lazily buttoned blazer and sore feet in a pair of running shoes, screaming at the wrong person, begging to an audience of bleary eyed commuters on the 7:45am bus into town.

I’ve told people constantly that I wasn’t in love, that I didn’t wake up with the taste of somebodies name lingering on my breath, but watching this woman through the crowd of hand rails spilled a grateful tea over my love-lusting. I was happy and scared to death simultaneously that one day I could end up like her. We all all could end up like her, so angry and passionate. With hope they work diligently to persuade another level, another fate, that one day they can change. But she must’ve still loved him enough for it to effect her in such an audible manner.

I pinched myself for romanticizing it, for all I knew her husband could’ve been a manipulative and abusive bastard who had slept with her sister and left her with nothing. She could be a window left to tend to the needs of her family. Her needs coming last in the rotation, being able to only do do much. She could have lost her family is a very tragic and unfortunate way. But instead, much like every other teenager, I’d been lulled and indoctrinated with an impractical and quaint fantasy that someones name through clenched teeth was just as poetic as singing it.

We catch glances momentarily and I shifted in my seat unsure as to whether or not a sympathetic smile would print cruel instead of kind.
Eyes rolling back to the open wallet in her fingertips. I take my moment and decide to jump off at the next stop.
As the bus screeched to a halt at the stop light she dropped her wallet. I picked it up to see two beautiful girls, twins perhaps, in pink and purple dresses. I smiled as their pure and happiness radiated through the photograph. Handing her back the wallet she sighs lightly and thanks me. I make my way off the bus.

As the bus pulls away I make a closed mouth smile through the glass and slowly she nods her head.

I hate public transportation, but probably not as much as she did today.

It’s Been a While

Hey guys, it has definitely been a while since I’ve last posted. Over the last couple of months I’ve just been extremely busy. I’ve made a bunch of huge decisions that has effected my present and future.

The first major decision I’ve made is joining the Army! I decided at the end of spring semester to join the US Army. Originally I had thoughts about the military in high school. After I graduated high school I made the choice to at least complete two years of University before joining. I stuck to that commitment and I honestly can’t wait to see where this road leads me. With that being said, I am not leaving my university. I have taken a year off and will return in the fall of 2015.

Secondly, after all my military training is completely I have several projects that will start. I can not share the details of those at this point but I’m never excited to see my vision be put together.

The last decision I made, which most of you may know about, is selling my artwork. I’ve been told time after time that I should start charging people for the artwork that I create. Earlier this summer I created a Society6 account where people can by the artwork I post. It hasn’t been as successful as I thought but I’m not giving up on the idea.

I thought I should clue you guys in since you’ve all been so supportive of my work and my blog. I’ll be posting more in the upcoming weeks while I wait to leave for BCT.

Unfortunately it’s time for me to go to sleep I have an early morning workout. Look forward to a post tomorrow.


Busy Monday Update

Last semester I agreed to take part in Fashion for Kids Sake. This is a fashion put on through my university and Big Brother Big Sister. Over the lat semester or so it’s been a roller coaster ride. We’ve had our moments where people left the show but we’ve made it work.

Today we had to set up for the show tomorrow. Let’s just say I’m extremely tired and when this is over I’ll probably sleep for a month.

The finish set up.


Sketch Sunday: Under The Sea for Her


She’s really the coolest mermaid out.

Amazing Panorama Timelapse

GoPro cameras are literally the best thing to happen to the world (well at least for a video junkie like myself). Jonas Ginter who’s a German based Photo Journalist has spent years toying with creative ways to shoot on GoPro cameras. His latest video uses six GoPro’s on a plastic mount to create a spherical panorama view of the world around him. The result it quite amazing!



It’s been confirmed! I will be shooting a video next Saturday for the poem The Story pt. 1. I’m so excited you guys will be actually getting a video soon.

I’m even more excited because I’ll be doing this YouTube thing I keep tell myself I will do. With my priorities set and no distractions I’m glad to say I’ve gotten a lot of my ideas into place.

Let today be a great day for all. Anything is possible for someone who allows it to be.


Poetic Fridays: The Story Pt. 1 Original Poem

I imagine your feet brushing against mine in the morning way too often.
The Eskimo kisses when I had awaken
the fighting to get out of bed seemed like a war.
But coming home to you always made a tough day worth it.
Ending it with kisses down my spine.
My waist in a hold that not even the strongest cold break.
The good times when love was in the air.
The air smelling of white rose and desire.
White roses, desire and belonging.
Things had gotten strange.
I hope you let me touch you.
I believe my hands are full of the right intentions
The brush of my finger tips against your body leaves a trail
A trail of words
Each word forming a sentence that becomes our story.
The story with a realistic ending
We no longer touch.
My finger tips beg for your existents
The depressing life of my lonely feet
Nothing in the morning to keep them company.
My spine aches after those tough days.
Aching for the kisses that once laid upon it.
The white roses have faded, I’m trying hard to feel that security.
Danger has sadden my body
My body has began to slowly die
Sad deaths doesn’t exist.
We don’t exist,
The life that was once here is just a myth.
A grand story to tell.



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