Lyrical Portraits

I’m back with bigger and better content! I’m here to bring you the Lyrical Portraits series. What is a lyrical portrait? Well, A lyrical portrait is a portrait done of an musical artist with the face made up of lyrics of one of their most popular songs.Every Piece in the series is now available for purchase. A new piece will be released every Wednesday.

Portraits that are up for sale are:

Tupac Shakur – Dear Mama Lyrics

Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle Lyrics

Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything Lyrics

Nicki Minaj – Pills N’ Potions Lyrics

You can find prints for sale at my store.

Busy Monday Update

Last semester I agreed to take part in Fashion for Kids Sake. This is a fashion put on through my university and Big Brother Big Sister. Over the lat semester or so it’s been a roller coaster ride. We’ve had our moments where people left the show but we’ve made it work.

Today we had to set up for the show tomorrow. Let’s just say I’m extremely tired and when this is over I’ll probably sleep for a month.

The finish set up.


Sketch Sunday: Under The Sea for Her


She’s really the coolest mermaid out.

Amazing Panorama Timelapse

GoPro cameras are literally the best thing to happen to the world (well at least for a video junkie like myself). Jonas Ginter who’s a German based Photo Journalist has spent years toying with creative ways to shoot on GoPro cameras. His latest video uses six GoPro’s on a plastic mount to create a spherical panorama view of the world around him. The result it quite amazing!



It’s been confirmed! I will be shooting a video next Saturday for the poem The Story pt. 1. I’m so excited you guys will be actually getting a video soon.

I’m even more excited because I’ll be doing this YouTube thing I keep tell myself I will do. With my priorities set and no distractions I’m glad to say I’ve gotten a lot of my ideas into place.

Let today be a great day for all. Anything is possible for someone who allows it to be.


Poetic Fridays: The Story Pt. 1 Original Poem

I imagine your feet brushing against mine in the morning way too often.
The Eskimo kisses when I had awaken
the fighting to get out of bed seemed like a war.
But coming home to you always made a tough day worth it.
Ending it with kisses down my spine.
My waist in a hold that not even the strongest cold break.
The good times when love was in the air.
The air smelling of white rose and desire.
White roses, desire and belonging.
Things had gotten strange.
I hope you let me touch you.
I believe my hands are full of the right intentions
The brush of my finger tips against your body leaves a trail
A trail of words
Each word forming a sentence that becomes our story.
The story with a realistic ending
We no longer touch.
My finger tips beg for your existents
The depressing life of my lonely feet
Nothing in the morning to keep them company.
My spine aches after those tough days.
Aching for the kisses that once laid upon it.
The white roses have faded, I’m trying hard to feel that security.
Danger has sadden my body
My body has began to slowly die
Sad deaths doesn’t exist.
We don’t exist,
The life that was once here is just a myth.
A grand story to tell.


Another Update?

Hey guys, I know I said I was going to be posting stories about my hometown this weekend but I decided not to do so. I will be posting a story every Monday instead. After thinking about it for a while I decided it would be better. That way every week you get to a little more into my city and life. This also allows me to continue my regular weekly post (i.e. Sketch Sundays and Poetic Fridays).

Sorry for updating you guys so late but I’ve been busy with college course work. Tomorrow will be poetic Friday, there might be an original poem coming your way.


She’s a Living Angel


This is Maliyah, she is currently three years old. On May 3, 2012 the doctor’s and there team told her mother she had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. On July 10th, 2012 Maliyah was up to 12 blood transfusion, 10 platelet transfusion, 3 rounds of chemotherapy and no hair. The tumor actually started on her adrenal gland (which is on top of the kidney) and had shrunk from 7 1/2cm to 3cm and was not as active as before. The MIBG scan (that detects if Neuroblastoma is present in the marrow) showed that nothing could be seen anymore. As the months passed she finally finished all of her chemotherapy, the tumor was removed and it’s time to start the bone marrow transplant.

After six months in and out of the hospital for treatment Maliyah celebrated her third birthday. In July 2013 she was said to be in “Full Remission”. Things started to look up and Maliyah and her mom received a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Unfortunately on December 23rd the doctor broke the news that Maliyah had a 1cm tumor forming in her jaw bone. Nothing in her bone marrow but it was indeed a relapse of her cancer. The doctor said “Things get tougher when cancer comes back, but because we caught it just as it appeared, we have a plan to get rid of it again. Her life is what’s important”.

Maliyah has since then started Chemotherapy again and has lost her hair. After hearing this news and seeing the changes in this little girl I knew I had to do something. Maliyah has been a brave little girl and I pray that she gets better.

maliyahIn this picture drawn by me Maliyah is a living angel holding the ribbon of awareness.

Maliyah’s mom has set up a site where you could read her entire story and donate. Their goal is to reach $5,000; they have raised $1,464. Even though they have 307 days left to raise this amount let’s help them get to their goal sooner. Every bit helps!

As for me, for every like this blog gets in 24 hours is the amount of money I will personally donate to Maliyah.

To read more of the story and donate click here.

With much love and high prayers.


Frequent Updates

I update my twitter every day. I post everything that will be coming to the blog that week along with future ideas. I would love all your inputs before I actually put some of my ideas into place. Let me know what you think. Follow.


Sketch Sunday: EyeAmShamelessArt


What do you get when you have twin sisters and a YouTuber? Well, one of the best interviews out.

Coco and breezy are twin sisters that own an eyewear shop. Their glasses have been worn by many celebrities. In their interview (can be found here) with YouTuber, Shamless Maya they discuss how they came to their success.

I remember finding Coco and Breezy in 2010. Me and my friends were obsessed and wish we could buy their glasses. At the end of their video they announce a giveaway for some of their products. I thought I was pretty cool. To check out this picture of Instagram click here.



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